Thursday, March 22, 2012

You're a Runner? Wow, You're Crazy.

"So, what do you like to do for fun?"

"Um, I like to blog, run..."

"RUN!? Oh my gosh, it's so hard. How can you do it? I can barely run for five minutes. Wow, that's ridiculous. You ran 10 miles today? Ugh, I hate running."

Yeah, you've probably heard that before, too. Let me put this out there: at one point in my life, I HATED RUNNING! I couldn't run for more than five minutes without feeling like I wanted to pass out. However, here's the great thing about running and why I fell in love with it: it helps you get in shape (and maintain fitness) fast, and it will slowly become easier. Now, I'm not saying that you should go outside right now and bust out ten miles when you've never even ran a single mile, but the key to getting better at something is practicing. I know I'm not the fastest runner or the best runner out there, but I am happy with where I am in my running right now. I couldn't imagine training for a half marathon earlier in my life, but here I am now, 44 days away from an amazing experience that will challenge me, physically and mentally. I'm going to brag a little bit right now... I am so proud of myself for what I have accomplished so far in my life. I'm also proud that I worked out today, despite the fact that I slept in and spent the majority of my morning/early afternoon napping and sipping coffee. Sometimes those lazy mornings are nice, though.

I completed this weight workout while watching daytime television. It was the perfect mix of catching up on all the talk show gossip & fitness. I was going to hit up a golf course and run the trails there today, but it started pouring & then I wimped out. However, I managed to squeeze in a whole TWO MILES (whoop, whoop!) once the weather cleared up and I was finished lazing around slash hanging out in my workout gear from the strength session earlier. Tomorrow's goal: Get out and run some more.

Any goals you want to accomplish this month? What about in the next two months? If you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything. You want to run a mile? You can do it! You want to run a 5K? That's fantastic; go for it! In the words of Jay-Z (yeah, I'm goin' there), "Nobody built like you. You design yourself."

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