Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wow, I Really Regret That Workout

I hate to say it, but today is my second day without running. Okay, that's not actually as bad as I thought. For some reason I kept thinking it was Wednesday today. In that case, I'd have a meeting downtown tomorrow at one, then a group presentation in marketing later on in the evening. YIKES! Glad it's only Wednesday. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow (after a couple cups of coffee) I'll finally remember what day it is. However, by that time it will probably already be Thursday.

Anyway, I haven't done a lot of exercising lately. Or rather, I have, but it hasn't been intense by any means. Here is what I did today (in between nearly falling asleep several times on the couch. I am le tired).

I have a short shift at work tomorrow, so I am going to get outside and run my little heart out! It's also the Lululemon Run Club tomorrow night & it is track night. I am a little scared. To go, or not to go. That is the question (kinda. I probably will).

I'll be back with a longer post for your all tomorrow. Sorry for slackin'!

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