Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Day I Didn't Run & Chocolate is the Perfect Breakfast

No, I didn't have a sexy beast this morning, but I DID have a pretty darn sexy & delicious bowl of chocolate PB banana protein oats. I had no intentions of having chocolate for breakfast last night, but this morning while I was waiting for my coffee to brew (it seems like it takes forever at 5AM), I remembered I had an almost-full container of chocolate protein powder in the cupboard. I mixed a tablespoon of the protein with just over a teaspoon of cocoa. In the end, I had a super yummy bowl of oats that kept me full until about 11:30, when I finally cracked and grabbed an apple (whoa, livin' dangerously).

Delicious & Nutritious!

Okay. I didn't run today. I had a shorter shift at work, and when I was home I fell asleep for a good three hours. I think my body needed a break, so a break I gave it! When I woke up my appetite was out of control. I whipped up a 2 egg omelet with red pepper, celery and tomato, then added cheese in the middle (oh, I had a lot of cheese. I'm surprised my stomach isn't going crazy on me right now) and spread a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese on top. It was amazing. Perhaps it was all the cheese ;) I enjoyed a couple slices of whole wheat toast on the side (one was the little chunk of crust at the end. Brandon hates them; I feel bad for them & therefor devour them). PB & J on one, just J on the other. I failed to take a picture of that, clearly, but trust me on this one - yummy!

So, instead of running today I... I.. I STRENGTH TRAINED! Wow, who am I!? I know it's important as a runner to keep strength training in my routine, but sometimes it's so much easier to just.. Not. Anyway, I focused mostly on arms/chest/abs today, so here's what my workout looked like:

I used lighter weights for the chest exercises mostly because I hadn't done them in so long & I wanted to give myself a bit of a break before I go right into flyin' around 15# weights (not that I even own them).

According to my mileage for this month, I am currently 24 miles away from 100 miles this month. My best month for mileage so far this year was January, clocking in at 94. The worst was February with a whopping 35 (however I did a long run of 11 miles that month). I want to keep a fairly even mileage as I become a stronger runner and learn more, so we will see what happens! Saturday is the deadline to get those 24 miles in. I CAN DO IT! :)

Does anyone have any goals they have recently accomplished? Let me know! BRAG ABOUT YOURSELF!

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