Saturday, March 31, 2012

Challenging Yourself, 100 Miles & A New Goal

100 Miles for the Month of March = COMPLETED.

I am proud of myself for completing 100 miles this month. Yes, I'll keep saying it over and over again until I reach 200 (or 110 would be nice too). I looked on my DailyMile profile and noticed that my running mileage (not including walking) was 98 after my 6.1 mile run today. Being the overachiever that I am (I was already at 117 miles with walking + running combined), I headed outside for the missing 2 miles. Goal completed before noon, and I had enough time left in the day to grab some groceries & candy after meeting my friend Lauren at the skytrain station. Although you could say the candy was indulgent, I considered it a vital component of our catch-up time & movie watching. He's Just Not That Into You and Sex & the City (1 & 2) were on the agenda today - plus some salads and coffee, coffee, coffee. Caffeine brings friends together!

Here's my workout of the day:

Note: I also did some basic standing oblique bends. 31 days of core work equals a definite habit. Fun Fact: It takes 21 days to form a habit. I got into the running habit as well. Although I don't do it every single day - although there was a time when I refused to not take a rest day, but I have quickly learned that they are SO beneficial for your training & recovery - my routine is thrown off if I'm not up and running on a fairly regular basis. However, that being said, tomorrow is a rest day beside some light walking & core work in the evening. I am blogging with a guest by my side and figure it's not polite to wake her up in the morning with the sound of me thumping around on the treadmill. Nice sight on a Sunday morning, yes?

April Goals:

- One minute plank every day next month
- Vancouver Sun Run 10K (April 15th)

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