Friday, March 30, 2012

Crazy Underground Garages, 92 Miles & Hydration


I am unleashing my inner crazy with this 100 miles of March challenge I set for myself at the beginning of the week. What am I at right now? 92. Hell yeah! I am excited that I have a) ran so much this month and b) pushed myself to really achieve this goal. Just when you thought I reached the bottom of my craziness (which some people may define as running for fun in the first place), I shoot for the crazy underground garage that is triple digit numbers in a month. Maybe it will be 101 in April. I am sticking to (crazy) eights to get me through to the end of this 100 mile challenge. It seems to be doing the trick, anyway!

Here's my workout today:

I fueled with the same PowerBar gel I did yesterday. I am still not a huge fan of the after taste, but the burst of sweetness when you first taste it is nice, at least!

Now, moving on to more important things:

Do you have a set amount of water you drink everyday?
I personally aim for 3L of water every day. This is pretty easy for me because of running & hydrating after, but sometimes it is hard (like hydrating during the work day, for instance). I find that three is a good number for me, though, and I also bring in other liquids throughout the day, like green tea & my beloved coffee. I tried (keyword: tried) to kick the coffee habit, but it is far too hard when you actually enjoy it. Or maybe that's the caffeine addiction talking. Anyway, my water intake varies, but the minimum that works well for my body is 3L a day. That's a lot of water!
Do you drink a lot of water? How much?
Which other liquids do you drink daily?

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