Friday, October 21, 2016

Five Things Friday: Cozy Fall Edition

Happy Friday party people! We've got another round of five favourite things on the blog today. If you missed last week's round up, I was chatting about my favourite wellness books lately. Be sure to check it out if you need some new reads!

Let's get into the weekly roundup of favourite things this week.

Nala and I managed to sneak out for some time on the trail when the rain held off long enough. I enjoy this time with her where I can just tune out with a podcast and take in the fall scenery along our route. Plus, it gives us both some exercise and it's always nice to have a napping puppy after : ) So snuggly!

Every time I see a rainbow it signifies, for me, that my cat Oreo and family dog Malibu are looking over me. Malibu passed away nearly five years ago now, and Oreo (my most favourite cat in the whole entire world) passed away in fall of last year. So, it always puts a smile to my face when I see a rainbow : )

Last weekend was stormy on the island which made for lots of time spent curled up on the couch reading, blogging, and drinking peppermint tea. On Monday I spent a good amount of time on the blog planning and brainstorming new post ideas. This time is always so relaxing for me as I can just get into my zone and start jotting all the ideas down that pop into my head. Since October is #Blogtober here on the blog, I am in the midst of planning out November. Hinty hint: it's about money. Kind of. Stay tuned for more about that!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which is a new read, considering when I last read the series this book wasn't out yet. My goal is to finish the series by Christmas which I think is doable! I am also loving this notebook, as it's where I write everything down in. All of my to-do lists, blog ideas, brainstorming, notes, and everything else. Even grocery lists!

Candles, candles, candles. I am all about candles, especially in the fall time as it creates such a cozy and inviting environment. The candle on the left is from last year at Home Sense, and the candle on the right is a Himalayan pink salt candle holder where I just use a plain soy wax tealight. I used to be obsessed with Bath & Body Works candles, but do your research people! I'm all about having the wax as natural and organic as it can be, and B&BW just does not fit the bill. Plus, there are too many icky chemicals in there that float up into the air and cause me to sneeze and feel wheezy. Not cute, so soy and beeswax is where it's at.


What are you loving this week?

Any exciting plans this weekend?

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