Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Recap + Cardio Shoulder Workout

First things first, I want to say that I am LOOOOOOVING this cooler weather lately.

Like loving it so much that I will park my butt on the couch and watch New Girl for 4+ hours.

But I'll get to that in a minute.

That pumpkin on the right? That's me, only add a pair of Christmas pajama pants. I mean, it's almost September which means it's practically Christmas time.

I am checking in after a productive morning of errands, cleaning, and hitting the gym. This weekend I'm actually running another half marathon in Kelowna, so I have been trying to stay active by doing running as most of my cardio.

Today's workout was:

Warm up: 15 minute run on treadmill, which ended up being 1.6 miles

Strength training focus: shoulders (probably my favourite body part to train!)

Warm up for strength training:

Lateral raises, front raises & rear delt-fly 1 x 12 using 8lb dumb bells

Work out:

Lateral raises 3 x 12
Front raises 3 x 12
Rear delt-fly 3 x 12

30 seconds of jumping jacks between each set to keep the heart rate elevated!

Alternating shoulder press w/ hold 3 x 12
With the non-working arm, hold the weight over your head while the other arm completes the shoulder presses. Switch.

Tricep press-down on cable machine
15lbs 1 x 15
17.5lbs 1 x 12
20 lobs 1 x 20

Dumbbell pull-ups 3 x 12
(I don't know what these are actually called, but you hold the dumbbells at hip level, then lead with your elbows and use your shoulders to pull the weights up until the elbows form just over a 90degree angle) 

Tricep extensions using dumbbells 3 x 12

30 seconds jumping jacks between each set

Cool down: 15 minutes running, easy pace

Total miles for the day: 3.2 miles (just over 5km)

Sunday was a lazy day in our household. Well, for me, anyway. Ryan was productive and was getting his stuff ready for fishing this week, but I took things slow, drank a few cups of coffee, and lazed around. We took Nala to Petsmart to get her nails clipped in the afternoon - which she did amazing! Proud puppy parents over here. While we were there, we couldn't not buy a new toy, so we got the poop emoji. Of course, because we are adults and that's what adults do.

Once we were home, my sister came over and we parked it on the couch. By this time it was pouring rain outside, so we took advantage of this and had a New Girl marathon. It was a great way to just relax, hang out, and take it easy. Usually my days off have to be GO GO GO! And I don't know why I make them that way, but that's how it goes most of the time. So, despite the lack of working out (for me - my sister at least went to the gym), it was a fun day spending time with family.

Well, there is a quick weekend recap for you! Nothing too exciting in my neck of the woods, but I'll have more to chat about next week when we return home from Kelowna!

Until next time ; )

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