Friday, August 26, 2016

5 Things Friday - Summer Vacation Edition

Good morning, friends!

I am back with another edition of Five Things Friday. If you have been reading the blog the last two weeks (or so), you will know that I had a week off of work this month. It was probably the BEST week I have had yet, since I was able to complete a lot of stuff around the house and fit in tons of fun stuff in there, too. Additionally, Ryan had the same week off so we spent a lot of quality time together and got to hang with the family as well.

So, let's get started with my 5 Favourites!

Seawheeze weekend: This was an amazing weekend filled with sunshine, yoga, running, and the best sunset festival party. Nothing beats jumping around on your yoga mat after running 21.1km to live music.

Day-trippin' to Tofino: This was such a fun day to just relax on the beach. Watching Nala dig around in the sand and bravely test the waters just made my heart sing. Is that weird? I feel like it's something a crazy dog mom would say. That's probably how people feel about their human children. Nevertheless, watching her have so much fun made ME have fun. I look forward to going back to Tofino very, very soon!

Doing anything and everything with Nala: She comes everywhere with me; the only exception being the bathroom. Aaaand even that is debatable, heh! Nala enjoys car rides (for the most part), so it makes it easy to take her along on our adventures. Plus, she is a great snuggle buddy once she is tired after a full day of playing. This is probably one of the best parts! : )

Spa days with my sister: We spent most of Wednesday afternoon at La Spa Sereine in Victoria. If you are in the area, or even visiting, I highly recommend coming here for a little pampering. They have a beautiful ladies' lounge area (above) with local organic tea, snacks like trail mix and yogurt, and the most comfortable chairs ever. It is fun to put your feet up (literally) and relax before heading back to the real world. During our visit we got a full body massage - much needed after the Seawheeze run - and a pedicure. Hello, heaven!

I am starting to add to my essential oil collection, and this grapefruit essential oil is the newest to my rotation. It is so uplifting and bright. You can't stay in a bad mood after a whiff of this! Similarly, I picked up a new hand lotion that is a blend of jasmine and sandalwood. This combination is such a pretty smell. It is feminine without being sickly sweet, and floral without making you smell like your grandma's powder room. Winning!


Although my vacation has come to an end, I am looking forward to another getaway September long weekend!

For those essential oil lovers: what is your go-to scent? Any combinations I should try?

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