Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wild Rose D-Tox Review + Tuesday Thoughts

Good afternoon : )

As you know from yesterday's blog, today is a day off and so I have extra time to do fun things like blog and go to yoga and read.

On the outside, my life is pretty simple and some would say basic. I go to work, I come home and either work out or relax. I do laundry and clean on my days off (and after the work day is done). I meal prep, and I might run some errands. I blog and work on blog-related things. I spend time with Ryan, and sometimes we'll go out and adventure. Although for some people who may crave social interaction all the time, I feel the most like myself when I am either with Ryan doing nothing in particular or by myself recharging and doing my own thing.

Take today for example. I had zero plans other than hot yoga at 9:30am and a nature walk with Brownies tonight at 6:15pm. Normally my brain would be pulling me in so many different directions, but because yesterday was so go go go, it was nice to take a breather. Although I didn't wake up itching with the motivation to run as mentioned in yesterday's post, I woke up in such a good mood and simply enjoyed my morning coffee and chatting with Ryan before he went to work. While he was getting ready, I did my planner for the week and just sat there feeling pretty darn thankful for the life that I do have. Do you ever just sit there with your thoughts and feel almost overwhelmed with gratitude? It was one of those mornings for me, and it was a pretty cool feeling!

After I got ready for yoga, I drove down to the studio. Fortunately it is only about a five minute drive away from my house. I found parking right away, and I bit the bullet and signed up for the six month pass. Alright, here goes nothing! I am actually looking forward to this to see how my practice will improve and develop. I have yet to step foot in the gym the last few weeks, and at this point, I am more willing to just work out at home with my resistance bands and dumbbells to save some cash, ya feel?

Major bonus of the day: one of the students at yoga makes these wonderful cookies and brought them to share with today's class. They are amazing and a nice post-yoga treat!

I believe they are called everything cookies. As you can probably guess, there's a bit of everything in there. Cranberries, blueberries, raisins, oatmeal, apple sauce, sea salt, flax seeds, chia seeds, chocolate chips, etc. Delicious! This is my kinda cookie ; )

Once I got home, I showered, put on a face mask and just lounged. My appetite isn't crazy after yoga, so I made a green smoothie with coconut water, almond milk, frozen mango, a small banana (nice and spotty, people!), spirulina, spinach, and avocado. So tasty and so creamy it was like drinking a milkshake. I sat outside on the deck with my smoothie, green tea, and lemon water (does anyone else have a million liquids going at one time?) and started to read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I know, right? Rewinding back to like, grade three when I first read the Harry Potter series. For the longest time I wasn't really into Harry Potter - I didn't understand the hype, I breezed through the books for the sake of saying I read them - I basically half assed the whole Harry Potter experience, so now I am bringin' it back. So, while laundry was on the go, I was out there on the deck reading, sipping my fluids, etc. Relaxed, nothing too crazy to see here!

So, because I haven't touched on this yet, I wanted to give you my HONEST review of the Wild Rose D-Tox program.

It is a twelve day cleanse, and I made it ten days before I called it quits.

Wait, what?

Why did I call it quits?

(NOTE: Maybe a little TMI here for those who don't want to read about womanly functions)

I randomly got my period mid-cycle while on this cleanse. I was reading about it online, and apparently that is something that can happen to those who are sensitive to herbal supplements and ingredients such as licorice root, which the Wild Rose cleanse has lots of. This period came almost a week after I had just finished my period, so I immediately knew something was out of whack. Part of me was like. Hmm, maybe I should just continue seeing as I only have two days left. However, the more articles and reviews I read online, the more it cemented in my head that this isn't the cleanse for me. Obviously my body is confused and my hormones are disrupted from this cleanse. Maybe it's all part of the cleansing process. Who knows. Either way, I figured that my personal health wasn't worth a few more days of taking six pills every day and 40 drops of some wizard magic that was throwing me all out of whack.

How did I feel physically while on the cleanse? I was in a bit of a fog for the first little bit, but I did wake up one day feeling significantly less bloated. After that bloat free day, I felt pretty much the same going into the second week. Really. It was nothing like what I read online about people feeling SO light and SO refreshed. Of course, if you are interested in something I highly encourage you to try things for yourself, as everyone has different experiences. I can see the positives to the Wild Rose D-Tox, though I can also see the negatives as well.

Has anyone experienced this before? Regardless, I will honestly say that I PERSONALLY do not feel the Wild Rose D-Tox is worth the hype and worth the money. Why? Just eat clean. Eat whole foods, don't stuff yourself full of dairy, don't be eating processed junk all the time. Is this rocket science? No, it's not. However, if it takes a cleanse for you to kickstart into healthier habits, then so be it. I can understand that 100%. All I am saying is that this detox was not a good fit for me.

Overall, if you already eat a diet of whole foods and minimally processed foods, then you most likely do not need to cleanse. The body cleanses itself naturally, anyway.

Check out my work station for the afternoon. Cozy, right? I have been typing away listening to The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast. I am loving it and taking away so much good information! As you can see, the lemon water is still comin' in hot as per usual, and I had some tuna salad on plain rice cakes for lunch. Simple, delicious. I am all about easy food! I still have a few hours left to hang out, blog some more posts for you guys, and read Harry Pottah - win!

I hope you guys are enjoying the day and let me know in the comments if you have done any kind of cleanses before and what your experiences were with them. 

Until next time, friends! : )

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