Monday, May 16, 2016

My Go to Breakfast + Wild Rose Cleanse Day 8 Review

Hello from my little desk here! Side note: that orange/yellow picture has been hung up now. Bless you, handy man Ryan!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. What did you get up to? Anything fun and exciting?

I must admit that the saying, "A Sunday well spent brings a week of content." rings true. Since Ryan and I had nothing to do yesterday, we took it nice and easy and got lots done around the house. I even slept in until 9:45am, which is unheard of for me since I am the first one up and about on any other day! The house is spic and span, laundry is done, bedding is washed, and our deck is coming together nicely! The patio furniture is out, BBQ is clean and shiny, and we purchased a few plants for the deck, too.

Voila! The BBQ is on the other side of the deck, but here's a preview of the plant decor.

I am looking forward to drinks on the deck, that's for sure! We also headed to a local cafe for lunch - The Garage Cafe, where I had a rice bowl with steamed veggies like kale, swiss chard, carrots, beets, etc. It was pretty darn tasty and always a go-to choice in our area.

And now we are at today!

My go to breakfast (pretty much everyday): oatmeal with frozen blueberries (or raspberries, or a little bit of both) with almond butter. In my coffee I just take unsweetened almond milk. I used to put stevia in it (or previously flavoured creamer, though we haven't used that in months!), but now I have acquired the taste sans-sweetener. I am not yet finished my book, FYI, though I am hoping I will be done by the end of the day!

This morning was another hot yoga class. I purchased a two week pass, so this is my second week participating in bikram yoga. Truthfully, I do really like it. There is something about being familiar with the poses that is almost comforting, though you can push yourself as much as you feel comfortable during each class. While it is challenging, I feel I have approved immensely since this time last week! Like any exercise, consistency makes a huge difference, and I can attribute that to my practice improving. Will I continue after this week? I am still trying to decide, as the price kind of deters me. If any of you are familiar with hot yoga, you know that it is not exactly budget friendly (depending how big your budget is, of course). Perhaps after this week the benefits will outweigh anything else!

After yoga, I came home to start meal prepping and get cleaned up for day. On the list today: passport pictures (Ryan and I are wanting to go away this summer and of course my passport is totally expired), Home Depot, and the local community farm store - simply because I haven't been there in a while! Mondays are my ME days, and although I loved spending the day uninterrupted with Ryan yesterday, I like being by myself too : ) Gotta have that balance!

Thoughts on the Wild Rose Cleanse, now that I am 8 days into it:

I honestly don't feel too different now as compared to my day to day life. Yes, I do feel less bloated. Yes, you go to the bathroom more often (especially number two. TMI, maybe, but that's what happens when the supplement you're taking is called LAXAHERB, lol!) Yes, my choices are more mindful now that I have a (mostly) structured way of eating. This includes no wheat, flour, dairy, etc. However, those are things I typically don't include in my diet anyway, simply because dairy triggers stomach cramps, aches, and bloating, and both wheat and dairy trigger eczema flare ups for me. I know standard Western medicine hints that eczema is not diet related, though in my experience it 100% is. Usually if something is happening on the surface, that means something internally is out of whack! Anyway, that is another note, but I do find that my eczema flare ups have been slim within the last week because of my diet. Well, that and the hot yoga, probably. Friday marks the last day of my cleanse, so I will either recap it on Friday or on Monday to give you guys an idea of how I feel.

Note: I have not weighed myself while on this cleanse, though I feel any weight that I may have lost is water weight only.

So, there's the update for you! I hope you all have a lovely evening & we will chat later : )

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