Saturday, May 21, 2016

Four Favourites: Blogger Edition

Throwback to my days of running along the seawall and wearing these oldschool Brooks runners. That reminds me - I need to buy new runners!

Hey party people! A Saturday post? Weird, I know. To be honest, I have been SO wrapped up in another book for the last three days that as soon as I got home from yoga, I was either out on the patio or in my corner of the couch reading. Last night Ryan and I went out for dinner & Caesars and right when I got home it was make up off, bra off, book in my face again. I will have a review up next week! 

I wanted to pop in and share some of the bloggers that I have been loving lately! Being in the blog world myself (not to say I am a big blog, because I am not - yet!) I of course read other bloggers out there and I find so many of them inspiring.

I am going to kick off the list with two long term favourites. I have been reading these blogs for, oh man. Probably over four years now! These are in no particular order as they are ALL fantastic!

Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers was one of the first health and fitness blogs I ever started ringing. I can relate to her love of peanut butter, and she has some fantastic recipes that are not only delicious but easy. Sure, I am all for the fancy shmancy Pinterest recipes, but Julie's recipes are practical for everyday life and you can't go wrong there! As well, Julie and her husband Ryan just had the most adorable baby boy, Chase. She shares her journey of motherhood as well as some pretty killer work outs, too!

I remember years and years ago I was gearing up to run my first 10K. I actually emailed Janae asking for some tips and tricks, and I remember being SO OVERJOYED when my inbox dinged and there was a response from her waiting for me. Janae is huge running motivation and is such a determined athlete. She has been through her fair share of injuries and troubles along the way, but she is such a positive, delightful person and makes you feel that you truly can go out and accomplish your goals no matter what happens. Additionally, her daughter Brooke is absolutely adorable, she loves all things candy (hey girl, me too), and her Friday Favourites are some of my favourite posts!

I discovered Lauryn's blog about a year ago and I am in love. Obsessed. I read it at work, I read it at home, I read it on my phone and now there is an app! Heavenly. Lauryn is the kind of girl you want to be best friends with. She is funny, smart, and always has great lifestyle tips and tricks. Oh, and if you like uncensored life chatter (think lady business talk), then she is the gal for you! I love bloggers that tell it like it is and aren't afraid of talking about taboo topics, and Lauryn is not the type of woman to beat around the bush. She has tons of great information about the business of blogging, which is always something I find interesting.

Okay, so this is another blog I have been obsessed with. Yes, I read this at work too (in my down time people!) and I love her approach to health and wellness. Jordan recently ran a marathon (I would be lying if it didn't make me want to run one too), and she is all about that yoga and balanced life - everything I am about these days! She features everything from beauty and lifestyle to delicious and healthy recipes. Additionally, I could relate to her transition from veganism (in my case being a vegetarian) back to eating meat. Her story is inspiring and I highly recommend checking out her blog!

Well, there you have it! Four of my favourite bloggers as of late. Have you read any of their blogs? Run, don't walk, and check them out right meow!

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