Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Long Weekend & What's Happening

Good afternoon! Long time no talk, hey?

The last couple weeks have been very, very busy. Actually, this whole month is turning out to be busy again, much like January was. We are almost half way through February, and I can say that we have something going on every weekend until March. Crazy how fast the time goes by!

Let's jump right in with this scary picture of me in a cloth face mask. Ladies (and gents), if you haven't tried a face mask like this, I urge you to as soon as possible! I picked up three types from Sephora, and they are the most ridiculous things ever but make your skin so, so soft!

Yikes, right? Ryan and I were watching a movie while I had this on and at one point he looked over at me and said, "Oh GOD! I forgot you looked like that!" So sweet, right?

I am winding down from a long weekend thanks to the Family Day holiday in British Columbia yesterday. Since Monday is a regular day off for me, I get Tuesdays off if a holiday falls on a Monday. I am certainly not complaining! I am getting to the point where I feel very uncertain about what I want to do career wise. Yes, I am still working towards my personal training certification and I know that ultimately that is what I want to be doing, but I am finding it awfully hard to wake up and be excited when I am not pursuing my passion full time. It is hard to just JUMP IN and do that, especially because right now I am earning a steady income that can help catapult me towards something bigger (my own business) in the future. Does that make any sense? Does anyone else feel that way?

This Sunday, my sister and I went to a yoga class at Fernwood Yoga Den in Victoria. While hanging out in downward dog, I was thinking about my goals and what I value in my life. I felt so at peace there in the yoga studio, and I wondered how I can bring that into my professional, working life. It is hard being in an industry that brings along a huge amount of pressure, but at the end of the day, I have to keep working hard for what I want and eventually the cards will fall into place and the hard work will pay off.

After yoga on Sunday, we did some shopping at Lululemon (how fitting, right?). I will be sure to upload those goodies in my next post! We also went to this cool crystal shop in Fantan Alley downtown Victoria. I can't remember the name off of my head, but I picked up a few little gemstone goodies. It may seem kind of woowoo, but I figured if anything they will make nice little decorations around the house as they are very pretty!

Yesterday morning with a cup of warm lemon water & the latest book I am reading.

Since it is a long weekend, I did all of my Monday things TODAY! This means I had an early morning check in with my personal trainer at 8:30am, followed by a work out. Normally I work legs on Monday, but I wanted to switch things up as I was feeling an upper body work out. I took myself through a shoulder work out where I added in 45 second cardio intervals between sets to keep my heart rate up. I only did about five minutes of cardio (my warm up), and the rest was spent actively working out and then cooling down by some gentle yoga stretches and ab work. I left the gym feeling accomplished, and it was only 9:45am! Love when that happens.

Since I was done so early (well, an hour early compared to my normal Monday schedule), I was able to get my grocery shopping done in the morning as opposed to later on when it is busier. After arriving home, I did some Brownie meeting prep and got all of my work lunches prepped for the next four days of work. Laundry is done, make up brushes are clean, life is good!

I should probably get back to this assignment (I am now on Chapter 5 of my weight training course - woohoo!), but I wanted to check in on the ol' blog and say hello.

Talk to you all soon!

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