Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Funday & Glute Workout

Good afternoon from me and my new boyfriend Simba. I hope you are all having a great day!

Today is my Sunday, which means it's time to recap last week.

Last week was my first week back on the Shred plan after having my wisdom teeth removed January 14th. It felt great to be back on track, and all of my work outs felt strong. I have been trying to make an effort to push more and try more when I'm in the gym. Whether it's lifting a little bit heavier or doing a couple more reps than usual, all of these changes will help contribute to a stronger me, and that's definitely what I'm after! In my last post about goal setting I talked about writing things down, and soon enough I will be able to start checking more things off the list. I am almost half way through the Shred program (it is 8 weeks as opposed to a longer competition season, if that were my goal), and I'm on my second course for my personal training course. Progress takes time - it's not overnight! So, it's important for me to be patient and keep working hard for what I want to achieve.

With that being said, I had a check in with my trainer this morning at the gym. We did a weigh and measure, and I am down 4% body fat since I last checked in with her last Monday (we meet weekly to track my progress), and about three inches, if I remember correctly. This was motivating for me as I did go a little bit off track this weekend, but clearly my body is burning through that energy and metabolizing it in a productive way.

Rewinding to this weekend: Saturday was a short day at work as my Brownie group went camping! I am not sharing pictures on the blog for privacy reasons, but I will tell you that it was a wonderful time, and all of the girls had so much fun. When I came home on Sunday, I was pooped, but surprised to see a new desk waiting for me!

I have been looking for a desk for the last couple weeks as I have lots of notebooks and study materials that need a home other than the closet or the dining room table. So, while I was away at camp, Ryan found this desk for me. It matches pretty well to our table (a bit darker), but I can always sand it down and stain it later as it is solid wood. My first project will probably be selecting newer knobs and handles to refresh it, and then we will see what I want to do after. Sunday afternoon was spent putting things in their rightful place, and I sit here now typing up this blog post. I have a feeling this desk will get a lot of use!

Sunday night was spent with family at my parents' house around the campfire. We got to visit with some family from up island, and shout out to Kelly because I know she reads this little blog of mine! Hey, hey! It's always a good time when our families get together, and I always look forward to when we visit. It was the perfect way to unwind from the weekend and kick off the week.

Back to today...

Monday workout: LEGS! Glute focus, because booty. And also some quads and hamstrings.

So basically lower body.

It looked something like this:
Warmed up on the elliptical for five or so minutes.

4 x 12 quad extensions, then drop pin 10% and 4 x 10 reps at lower weight

3 x 12 single leg dead lifts, followed by 3 x 12 regular dead lifts

3 x 15 sumo squats

2 x 15, 1 x 12, 1 x 10 leg press, heavier each time

1 x 15, 1 x 12, 1 x 10 hamstring curls, heavier each time

3 x 12 cable kickbacks (heavier weight on last set)

3 x 12 incline leg press (alternating between feet close together and wide apart)

30 seconds of cardio (running on the spot, jumping jackets, etc) between each set to keep the heart rate up!

That's all that I can remember, but needless to say, it was a good leg day today!

I am off to enjoy some down time before I head to bed. Have a good evening & chat with you later!

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