Monday, November 9, 2015

Back in Action: November Edition

Oh, why hello there!

Long time no talk, hey? I am back on the blogging bandwagon, so we will see how long this lasts.

I am going to skip through September & October, because why live in the past when we can SEIZE THE DAY! and talk about November activities. Also, I can't recall everything I did in September and October, so we are going to move right along.

Mondays are my days off, so today was spent both relaxing and being productive. I slept in and woke up to Ryan bringing me my usual giant cup of lemon water and a mug full of fresh coffee. Can I wake up like this every morning? Ryan, I hope you are reading this ;) After lounging in bed for a good half hour, I finally got up and made some breakfast. I am forever on an oatmeal kick, so this morning I had (you guessed it), a bowl of oatmeal with chia seeds, a scoop of Adam's natural peanut butter and a banana sliced on top. While I ate my breakfast, I watched some YouTube videos and completed my chapter 9 & 10 quiz for the Fitness Theory course I am taking. It is crazy to think that I am pretty much DONE that course! One down, two to go.

One thing that has helped me get through the course in a reasonable amount of time is planning ahead. In the last week of September I purchased an Erin Condren planner, and for those of you who have heard all about them online, they truly do live up to all the hype. I have been planning out my weeks, and recently have been writing in different goals that I want to accomplish during the week, whether it's packing my work lunches ahead of time, not purchasing coffee from the cafe across the street, or hitting the gym X amount of days that week. Having a visual reminder of what you need to do for the day definitely helps keep me on track!

Simba is an expert at helping me plan, too. I bet he wishes he had a planner of his own.

His day would look something like this:

1. Eat
2. Claw at the bedroom door so the humans know I am awake and waiting.
3. Sit on top of the scratch post and watch the neighborhood, ensuring everyone is safe
4. Claw under all the closet doors in the house because I am determined to know what is in there. Maybe I need a jacket or towel.
5. Randomly run around the house because WHY NOT
6. Eat
7. Eat more
8. Meow at the humans because I can see the bottom of my food bowl.
9. Flick water out of the dish
10. Sleep 

After my quiz, I went down to the basement and got in a treadmill run. I originally had 10km on my schedule, but I ended up completing 11.5km instead. It was one of those runs where the stars aligned physically and mentally, so I kept going. I stretched a little bit after, then came back upstairs to do a quick lower body workout using some dumbbells I have at home. This workout included squats, side lunges, deadlifts, and plie squats. Mondays are one of my favourite workout days, because I have recently joined a spin class with my mom. It is a fun way to incorporate other types of cardio in my routine. Eventually when I am up and running with personal training, I would like to be certified in group fitness so I can do things like spin classes and bootcamps.

Once my morning work out was done, I got myself ready for the day. The rest of the day included heading into town for a little bit of Christmas shopping (successfully found two gifts for some family members, so it has officially begun!) and to the grocery store for the usual apples, Greek yogurt & almond milk. Apples are forever a staple in my household! I have to admit, I caved in yesterday and bought my first holiday drink at Starbucks. How can one say no to those red cups!? All in moderation, of course. Tis the season for many indulgent snacks!

Anyway, there's a little update for you about my Monday! It is officially holiday time (in my mind), so stay tuned for some holiday themed posts, and just more regular posts in general. Now that I have my planner, I think that will keep me more accountable to devoting more time to this blog of mine!

Let me know if there is anything in particular you'd like to see here! Have a wonderful evening & I will talk to you all soon!

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