Monday, August 31, 2015

Road Trip Snaps & A Side Project

Good afternoon, friends!

I am back after 10 days of holidays (woohoo, vacation time) and a full week of work. During my holidays I ran the Lululemon Seawheeze half marathon and also went up to Prince George to visit some family. The picture above was snapped outside of a shopping mall in Prince George actually, where I finally retired my old denim Guess slip on shoes (if you know me, you know I wore the crap outta those babies) and bought some Converse slip ons. Hopefully those last upwards of 5 years, too!

Despite the long drive (we drove 9 hours straight, with one pit stop to the gas station on the way there), it was great to see family we haven't seen in YEARS. I think the last time I went to Prince George was seven years ago, so it was definitely well overdue.

One thing I loved about our stay at the hotel was the GYM inside. We were heading down to the lobby one morning, and I noticed that beside one of the floor buttons it has pool/gym written beside it. Luckily I had packed some gym gear (minus runners, so I lifted in some flat footed shoes which was actually more comfortable), so Thursday was an upper body day and Friday was a leg day. On Saturday we headed back to the island, and by 8:15pm that evening I was home sweet home and ready for bed. There's something about sleeping in the car that makes for less than desirable sleeping conditions!

Back seat selfies before I started to feel car sick from the windy road home. I ended up laying down on a giant pillow and fell asleep for a bit. Almost had to grab my (dirty) oatmeal bowl and upchuck for a second there. Anyway, crisis averted! 

A little bit of scenery on the way home. The drive was absolutely beautiful! On the way there we went through Hope/Williams Lake, and on the way home we went through Squamish/Whistler.

I had my usual Sunday/Monday weekend upon returning, so I got back into the routine of going to the gym and meal prepping. The week went by so quickly because I was jam packed with client meetings at work, which makes today my Sunday. This is the first weekend in a while that I have been home without any plans (aside from a party on Saturday night), so it has been nice hanging out and getting stuff done around the house - and blogging, blogging of course!

Rewind to Saturday night: plugging my phone in to charge at 2AM in the morning:

Turns out the USB cord wasn't plugged in completely to the block on the wall, so I woke up to 38% battery Sunday morning. Beyonce feels my pain. Thank you, Beyonce.

So, for a few years now I became curious about personal training. I have a trainer of my own, although I have not been seeing her as frequently as I was when I was in competition prep, but between starting my own fitness journey and reading blogs, watching YouTubers online, etc, I was dying to learn more. It took me a long time before I FINALLY bit the bullet and signed up for the personal training certification course. That's right - I am on my way to becoming a certified personal trainer!

I handed in my first assignment Saturday, so here is to a new chapter & a new fun hobby on the side. We will see what this transpires, but this will be the first step in my next adventure. Here we go!!

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  1. Yay! You go, Holly! Let me know when you're certified! x