Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Road to IDFA: Part 2

Finally, part 2 of The Road to IDFA series is HERE! It is nearing my two month mark of competing in my first ever bikini competition. When we last left off, I was just about to step on stage.

Above is a shot of me and some of my fellow competitors. After they called us on stage, we lined up behind the scenes and then filed out onto the back line. This was it. I was on stage, both nervous and excited. When I practiced my routine at home and at the gym, I felt confident and comfortable, so I hoped this would translate on stage. However, as I stood in the back line up watching the other girls do their T-walk, I could feel my legs start to shake. When it came my turn, I took a deep breath and kept telling myself, "YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU GOT THIS!" 

So, I just took a deep breath and did the damn thing.


After the comparison round was over, we went back to the dressing room to wait for the results. There was a brief intermission during the show, where all the girls hung out, chatted, and practiced some more posing to pass the time, and then before we knew it they were calling us back on stage.

The whole group went upstairs to the stage, but only the top five were called out. One name was called, another name, and then MY name. I was in awe! Holy crap, I won third place in my first bikini competition. I felt so awe-struck, thankful, and happy that I had seen the journey through to the very end. No matter how challenging it was, I can honestly say it was worth it for that moment on stage.

The IDFA photographer snapped some pictures of the top five, and then the girls who placed fourth and fifth stepped off stage and he grabbed some pictures of the top three.

I immediately looked for my phone when we were back in the dressing room, and I texted my coach to let her know of the fantastic news. I also texted Ryan's mom and a few other people who had been checking in with me throughout the day with good luck messages and texts. I felt truly blessed and absolutely GIDDY with excitement and so many emotions. 

The best part was having my loved ones rooting for me in the front row. Ryan, his sister, my friend Disha, my sister & parents were all there for my special day. I would have been happy whether I won or not, but that trophy was the cherry on top of a fantastic weekend. After I had my stuff together, it was time for a celebratory meal. We headed downtown North Vancouver and enjoyed appies and drinks, and I had a mini pizza and some sweet potato fries. It was so great to celebrate with everyone! When Ryan and I got back to the hotel, I had a shower (had to shower off some of that colour before hitting the hotel sheets!) and crashed on the bed. Then, we watched a movie, ate some candy, and I was out like a light.

And just like that, the IDFA BC Classic 2015 came to a close and I was officially a 3rd place novice bikini winner. WOOHOO! What a ride!

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