Monday, July 20, 2015

The Road to IDFA: Part 1

Photos from my pre-show shoot will be uploaded next week. Stay tuned!

On June 28, 2015, I competed in my first bikini competition in North Vancouver at the IDFA BC Classic. In the next couple posts, I'm going to recap my experience & then have a summary of what I have learned and what happens next. Read along if you are interested in following how my show weekend went!

Early morning spray tan. Coat number one, done!

Ryan & I headed over to Vancouver late Friday night after he finished work. I used some of my vacation time and took the week prior to my show off to help get prepared and ready for the big day. The week before you go on stage is considered peak week, and I was happy to use my extra time to sleep in (letting my body rest a little more than usual) and get all my meals prepped. Since we were staying overnight in a hotel, I prepared all of my meals for the weekend ahead of time. Fortunately, I booked our room far enough in advance and took advantage of the in-room mini fridge which made storing my food so much easier. When Friday rolled around, I packed up my cooler bag and we loaded up the truck. We were off to the big city!

After checking into our room, I headed to bed soon after we got settled. I didn't have to be up early on Saturday, but by the time we got off the ferry and drove to the hotel, it was nearly midnight and I was pooped! I am so thankful that Ryan drove me around all weekend. Peak week is great in that you really see the physique you have been working so hard for, but mentally I was quite tired and I knew focusing on driving probably wasn't my main priority. When we woke up on Saturday, we spent the majority of the morning in bed drinking coffee (for Ryan) and eating (for me) before we got ready and headed to Park Royal mall for some shopping. Saturday was easy going, and we made it back to the hotel by late afternoon where we just hung out watching movies. Since we were out and about in the sun all day, I felt very tired and SO glad to lay down once we were back at our room!

Looking fifty shades of sexy with my pasty face

My alarm went off at 6:50am Sunday morning, and as soon as I woke up I ate my first meal of the day. My meals were simple during the weekend. White fish and yams. Try having that six times a day for three days straight and see how much you like fish after that. I have had fish once since then (and it was salmon). Anyway, my first coat of spray tan was at 7:30am. I headed up to the make up artist's room, not really knowing what to expect. Turns out you stood naked in a large tent on the balcony of the hotel and she just went to down spraying you until you no longer looked like a Caucasian person. I wore a baggy black t-shirt, and this was my fashionable outfit of the day up until 4:30pm (the show started at 5pm). While I waited for my spray tan to dry, I relaxed in the hotel room and read my book, watched some tv, and impatiently waited for my family to arrive. I texted my mom back and forth, and soon enough my family was at the hotel (they were staying in the same hotel as us) and delivering post-show goodies. The cheering squad was nearly all here! We visited for a bit, then it was time for me to get my hair and make up done. While that was happening, my family went out exploring, and Ryan picked up his sister as she was coming to see the show too!

Ready to go!

Once I was all done up and wearing more make up than I probably have in all of my 23 years of being on this earth, it was time to double and triple check my backstage bag and get going! Fortunately, the show venue was only about 15 minutes away from the hotel. My parents followed us there, and Ryan dropped me off out front so he could find parking and I could head back stage. While I was heading into the venue, I saw a good friend of mine that was coming to watch the show. I was so happy she could make it! We chatted quickly before I headed inside to settle in.

Pre-stage rice cake with pb & jam. Oh carbs, how I missed you!

While I was backstage, I changed into my bikini and did some last minute lip gloss touch ups. I chatted with a few girls in the same category as me, and I was glad to know that they were all newbies too. I did not feel like a fish out of water, and I tried to mentally pump myself up as much as I could. To be honest, when it comes to positive thinking I am pretty good at it, but there's something about stepping on stage half naked for people to literally judge your body that makes you stop and think, "Hmm. Can I actually do this?" Of course I can! I had prepped so long and hard for this, and finally the moment was here. Before I knew it, they were calling us up on stage. It was time!

Next on the blog: The Road to IDFA: Part 2 (stage shots & how I did)

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