Sunday, January 5, 2014

Easy, Healthy Dinners, Sheep & Return to Trail Running

Friday night dinner: Ginger honey lime prawns with broccoli carrot slaw. This was super easy to make and packed a flavourful punch. The recipe called for couscous, but I wanted a heartier meal and substituted brown rice. I also added cilantro and slivered almonds. Healthy and delicious!

Marley moo takes a little snooze, thus leaving me couch bound until something outside caught his attention or I forced him off. I don't mind the snuggles, though.

My cute little succulent plant :)

7.5km (or 4.66 miles) of glorious trail running this afternoon around a local lake. I'd like to do this at least once a week!

This guy makes a wonderful running buddy and is so good off leash! Before I was hesitant taking him off leash, but my parents have gone with him hundreds of times before, so I figured I'd try it out today. He is very careful and always looks back to check if you're still there. Or, he'll sprint up ahead and wait, then once you catch up he goes off again. He's very polite when coming across other dogs, too. Sniff sniff, goodbye.

Post-run bubble bath with this Halloween bubble bar from Lush Cosmetics. I crumbled the lighter orange part as well as the leaves, and a bit of the side and had some big bubbles going on!

Lounging in fuzzy sheep socks. They are "shea infused" so I should have some soft feet after this. Maybe. We'll see. I'm probably due for a pedicure any day now.

Hope you guys all had a fantastic weekend!

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