Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beauty Tuesdays + Monday Shenanigans (Team KETCHUP4LYFE)

1. NARS Blush in 'Orgasm': I know, I know. The name is a little NSFW, so I apologize if your boss gets angry with you for reading this at work if they happen to be peeping over your shoulder. In all honesty, I put off buying this blush for about a YEAR. Yes, a whole year, mainly because it is pretty pricy, but I was in Sephora on Saturday and decided why not try it. Aaand I am in love with it! It is a nice pink colour with gold shimmer in it, which leaves you with a nice glow that is perfect for summer. It is flattering on all skin tones too, so I highly recommend it!

2. They're REAL! Mascara by Benefit: The "real" part of the title has smudged off since I use this mascara on the reg, but you get the idea. It has a plastic brush with short bristles, and the bristles go around the tip of the brush so you can get the tiniest of eyelashes. If lengthening and defining your lashes is your goal, this mascara will get you there! I received this in my birthday gift from Sephora which means I got the trial size, but it has lasted me since February and is still going strong. I will most likely be purchasing the full size when this baby has had it!

3. Zoya Polish in AMY: I looove this colour! I got a pedicure recently, and this was my polish of choice. A burnt orange colour with gold shimmer and sparkles, it is eye catching and looks great with a tan (I imagine, anyway, since I am pale as a ghost). This colour would transition nicely into fall as well and pairs nicely with neutrals and bolder hues! If you are from the Chemainus/Cowichan Valley area, you can purchase this polish from The Flowering Tree Natural Spa. Bonus: it does not have any yucky bad-for-you-chemicals like most commercial polishes out there! Win!

Now for some pictures of Monday's shenanigans:

Went for a walk around Weddle's Lake with these two handsome men.

Straggled behind to take some selfies, naturally. Then I sprinted up a hill to catch up to B & Marley - smart thing to do on sore post-half marathon legs.

Trying to steal a shot of me and happy Mister Marley! It was a gorgeous day, hellooo Summer! How can you NOT get outside when the sun comes out? I just feel so wrong being cooped up inside!

...But then I was cooped up inside eating some sweet potato fries. After texting a friend about them I got a mad craving, so to the kitchen I went. I seasoned them with garlic and cinnamon - the cinnamon was a random idea, but a delicious one at that! Of course I dipped them in ketchup, because I like lots of ketchup with my fries. Nothing better than ketchup on taters! I am team KETCHUP4LYFE (just go with it).

Oh, and I made a FACEBOOK page for Healthy Living Holly! About time. I had one from my old fashion blog, but since my passions have shifted and I am focusing more energy in this little treasure here, I figured it would be best to start fresh.

You can like Healthy Living Holly on Facebook HERE PLEASE! and thank you

If you could only put one condiment on potatoes, which would it be?

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