Friday, March 15, 2013

Shopping Haul, Haulin' Ass & A Little Tough Love

So, guess who got their rundies in the mail? This chick! And yes, that is a picture of my rear, but it is more appropriate than 99.9% of all other bum pictures on the internet. Mom, don't worry.

FYI ladies, these are ridiculously comfortable. And, then don't give you wedgies! It's a win win situation, I'd say. I took these out for a 2.5 mile spin (not an easy 6 as planned), and my legs absolutely killed. Apparently going hard in the gym on Tuesday makes for a sore work out Wednesday. Huh, funny how that works.

Later on in the afternoon, Sarah & I went to Nanaimo to do some retail therapy. We were both in funky moods, so we figured, "What's better than spending money and then feeling sad because you're broke?" Right, our logic is a little off.

So, since I am a slob I wore a hoodie. There is zero motivation for fashion right now, considering my legs burned and the last thing I wanted to do was put on skinny jeans. Yikes, nope, not happening! Instead I wore Lululemon pants (at least I am one of those girls that DOES physical activities and doesn't just wear them for other reasons) and sneakers. Fashionista.

I did find something super cool though!

No trip to Nanaimo is complete without stopping by The Running Room. I can't resist! I immediately snagged this shirt, and apparently I am the first one in Nanaimo (therefor Chemainus) to pick this baby up. That's right. You all are copy cats now.

I kid, I kid. Some other goodies I found (and didn't need):

Women's Health magazine, journal, sunglasses, eye cream, a sample of "Ultra Balm" from LUSH, and a moisturizing bar called King of Skin. It makes your skin smooooooth like butta, baby!

And after all that was done, and a day of overtime at work was finished yesterday, I still went to the gym. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say, "Well, I work full time, so I can't work out." No, you CAN work out, but you choose not to. If something is important to you (and I would hope your health is high on that priority list), you will find a way to get it done, even after working nine hours. You will feel better after it's done - way better than you would if you sat at home on the couch thinking about the work out. Just 30 minutes a day, or even three days a week, can benefit your body and your mind. Plus, you'll look a lot better than all them couch potatoes!!

Haulin' ass on my cool down. My workout looked like this:

Run 4 miles (progressively upping the speed, upped the incline in the last half)
50 weighted squats (hold 10# dumbbells at your shoulders)
30 of those squats were shoulder presses, too. Squat down with the weights, then when you are in a standing position, do a shoulder press. All about the burn!
50 weighted oblique bends
10 minute stretching (ahhh, so nice)

Then we got our stuff and headed to the pool for some swim time!

Hi, photo-bombing Sarah!

What, my rain boots aren't appropriate work out attire? I wore my runners for the work out, but since it was pouring buckets outside, I wore these babies on the way to and from the gym. And then I didn't want to wear my sweaty socks after swimming, so I was forced to wear my boots without socks (ew) and my workout pants 'cause I'm a smart cookie and didn't bring another pair (double ew).

So, we swam for about 10 minutes (or I did anyway. Sarah swam longer), and then sat in the hot tub for a while. Ahh, it was nice. I kind of like these after work gym sessions!

And back at it tonight after work. Making time for your health and well-being is one of the best things you can do for yourself, so fit it in. DO IT! Even if it's a little bit here and there, it all adds up, and it sure beats sitting around wishing you did.

Haaaaaaaave a good day! Happy Friday.

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