Thursday, January 31, 2013

Call the Whambulance, Living on the Edge & Fun Food

Sunday night I felt a little off. I had a nagging headache that both Advil and Tylenol couldn't fix (maybe a cocktail would've done the trick), and I woke up on Monday morning with a dry throat. It continued to get worse as the day progressed, and I ended up taking a sick day on Tuesday. My throat was so swollen and puffy, and every time I stood up it felt like my brain was going to explode right out of my skull. Yes, it was a good feeling. Fortunately when you are sick and stay at home napping/watching TV all day, people feel more inclined to be nice and take care of you. While my mom was out running errands on Tuesday morning (and I sat there in the lazy boy recliner dying of pain and watching daytime television), my mom grabbed some pick-me-up goodies. Yes, I did eat the whole container of gummy bears, and yes, I did have a sugar-induced stomach ache that added to all the other aches and pains I was experiencing. I'm so smart! To add to that smartness, I was so confused with the scratch n' win, and then I ate ice cream. When will I ever learn with dairy? Apparently never. Somebody call me a whambulance! Whine, whine, whine.

Anyway, I am feeling much better now! My throat is still a little sore, but that's nothing hot liquids can't fix. Plus I'm not finished my throat lozenges and they are super tasty.

So, since I felt better, I took that as a chance to run. I told my dad I was going to run today, and his response was, "Don't do it!" Too bad, dad. I live life on the edge. I completed a 4.01 mile run on the treadmill while watching The Ellen Show (so much love for Ellen! Be my BFF!?). Afterwards, I stretched for ten minutes. Then, I came home after going to Nanaimo (more on that below) and did some strength training. All in all, the work out looked like this:

- 50 crunches
- 1 minute plank
- 10/10/20 push ups
- 3 x 12 resistance bands bicep curls
- 3 x 12 bent-over rows (10lbs weights)
- 3 x 10 lunges (each leg, holding 10lbs weights)
- 50 squats
- 3 x 20 oblique crunches (holding 10lbs weights)

20 minutes yoga

Total mileage for January: 110 miles! BOOM! So happy about that :) I am aiming for the same in February, which averages to 3.9 miles per day. Doable, especially with long runs thrown in there.

Buuuuut before the bulk of my strength training work out, Sarah and I ventured into Nanaimo. I took it as a fantastic chance to wear my Barbie Yacht Club shirt. Why? Well, why not?

I'm all about the cool factor, as you can tell. So cool I continue to take pictures with my toilet on full display. Just what you wanted to see at dinner time, right!? I actually got a compliment on my shirt, but it turns out she was talking about the flannel and not dear old Barbie. Oh well. Thank you, anyway!

So, Sarah and I had a lot of healthy food today. Or rather, we stopped at two different raw food cafes in Nanaimo. Our first stop brought us to a place called Rawmbaws or something like that, and we both got a green smoothie to sip while we browsed the mall. Then, once we were at the mall we had some coffee, then we headed to a natural foods market to see what they had there. Since we didn't find any grocery items, we headed to the cafe they had in side and split a raw Italian pizza:

It is dairy, gluten, and wheat free, and 100% delicious. I didn't want it to end, to be honest. On the side I enjoyed a green juice that had apple, ginger, parsley, carrot, celery, and lemon. Sounds weird, but it was seriously delish and gave me more energy than coffee does in the morning! Perhaps I need to invest in a juicer.

Some other goodies I purchased today:

(I cashed in a $2 winning scratch n win ticket and got two more. And I won another $2! Whoa, big money) 

I have been on the hunt for a foundation that works well with dry skin for the longest time, and I settled on a Cover Girl foundation earlier this month, and my skin does not like it. At all. Dry skin city, a place I do not want to visit often. So, while we were perusing the mall, we cruised into The Bay and ended up at MAC. I asked the girl at the counter what she suggests for dry skin, so she said the Studio Sculpt SPF 15 would be my best bet, and to mix it with moisturizer if I find it's too thick on its own. Okay, let's give it a try. She also gave me a sample of the Strobe Light cream (whatever that is, but alrighty) to use under it. While we were in the mall, we went to LUSH, and I picked up the BB Seaweed face mask. It expires on February 10th, so here's hoping I use it all before then and it doesn't go moldy on me again - been there, done that.

It is also my wonderful sister's birthday tomorrow, so the whole reason for going shopping today was so she can pick out a birthday present for herself. She picked up the Ocean Salt Scrub from LUSH and the Mineral Skin Finish from MAC (as well as our food, but that is more of a necessity).

Anyway, time to let the BB Seaweed face mask work it's magic and perhaps do a little reading or scouring for a new TV series to watch. Hmm, that's a lot to think about.

Which TV series are you following right now? Any suggestions (that don't involve zombies or vampires, please)?


  1. just wanted to say I think i got sick with similar thing this week, really sucks :/ I also coped with it by eating too much of the wrong things and complicating the whole situation haha!!

    how long does a workout like that take you - and - how does one 'do yoga'? Its not something i've ever understood enough to just 'do' it...?!

    lastly as far as TV goes, i've been right into Sons of Anarchy and have been catching up on it from the start... not sure if that would interest you :P

  2. ah, but junk food is so good at the time! soul food, right? :P

    i think it took me about half an hour all together? as far as the yoga, i have a book by tara stiles that has a ton of different yoga sequences in it, so i picked a few and then did those! youtube is also fantastic for premade routines to follow along with :)

    i've heard of son's of anarchy but i've never really watched it!