Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's Beautiful, Lazy Bones & Floppin' on the Couch

 What is beautiful to you? Now that I am older and wiser (I mean, I'm two decades old so obviously that gives me the right to reflect as if I'm some godly guru), it's not just about personal appearance. Yesterday in history class, as I doodled my name a million times and made circles filled with stripes (so productive), the teacher said something about how nowadays we are so concerned with our appearance that everything else falls by the wayside. It was the same in the 19th century - men would wear padding on their calves to avoid the chicken leg look in their tights. Anyway, it just makes me feel sad for all the kids growing up with self image issues. It shouldn't be about your appearance. Besides, some good looking people have butt ugly hearts! Aside from make up and clothes and all of the artificial stuff, living a healthy lifestyle makes me feel beautiful. What I put into my body affects my outside. The training I put my body through affects my outside. My family, friends, and loved ones around me do too. Do you ever have those my-confidence-is-through-the-roof days? They're awesome, right? And they sure make you feel good!

I have an Obama joke for you:

What did Barack say to Michelle when he proposed? "Michelle, will you marry me? I don't wanna be Obama self." OOOH CLEVER!

Anyway, sometimes it's nice to focus on inner beauty and the beauty of treating your body right rather than what the media tells us we should be/do/think/look like, etc. You only have one body to live in for your whole life, so you might as well love yourself & treat yourself (and others) with kindness!

 So, my plan of attack today:

Wake up. Run 6 miles. Stretch/foam roll. Have breakfast (a hot bowl of oats & coffee on a rainy day = the perfect combination. Actually it's the most perfect of all perfect combinations in the whole wide universe EVER to exist). Random exercises. And that was basically it.

I managed to do all of that and MORE! Including sweeping the floor, random exercises (strength related), doing the dishes, and taking out the garbage and recycling. Oh, the joys of having a day off and class canceled tonight!

Here is what my workout looked like today:

Woohoo! Felt good to get movin'. When I was younger my dad would always say, "Come on, lazy bones. Get outta bed!" when he was waking me up for school. I kept that in mind this morning and forced my lazy bones out of the comfort of my heavenly bed and got my run on. And it felt GREAT! It's amazing what activity can do for you. Plus, Boy Meets World and My Wife & Kids is on my new favourite channel, ABC Spark, early in the morning, so that was good motivation too. Gotta keep up on the Kyle family and Cory & Topanga!

 So, that is that. Now it's time to make some tea, dinner a bit later (I'm thinking salmon), and do this:

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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