Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sister Bonding, Carb Loading & ONE SLEEP!

Sarah & I went shopping yesterday, and since we didn't get enough of that fun past time, we went again today. I forced her to pose in the lobby mirrors before we headed out. Kind, I know.


While we were downtown yesterday, we stopped at BG Urban Grill on Granville for a bite to eat. She got the ham & swiss panini, I got the Tuscan vegetarian... The sandwich I get every time I go there. How original, right?

Then after our paninis, we ventured down to Starbucks/Chapters on Robson. Apparently HOLLY is a super hard name to spell.
Barista: "Can I get your name?"
'It's Holly.'
'No, Holly.'
"Yes, Polly. I got it."
'No, HOLLY, H-o-l-l-y.'
"Oooh! Okay, I think I spelled it wrong."

Yeah, I think you butchered the spelling but that's just my opinion. Kudos on the yummy frap though! Note: All flavours/sizes are half price until May 13th between 3-5 today. I may have gotten another one today (different flavour), and they even spelled my name right. Huzzah, all is right in the world.

After our shopping adventure (I got a pair of shoes & a shirt), we headed to Superstore on our way home to restock my veggies & cereal supply. 

CLIF gels are ready for tomorrow! Chocolate & raspberry. So good, so good!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, TOMORROW! Ready to kill it!

Talk to you guys AFTER THE HALF MARATHON alfkjaflkjaflkjaf :)

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