Monday, April 16, 2012

A New 10K PR & Making Good Things Happen

The Vancouver Sun Run 10K is done! Ba-da bing, ba-da boom; another race in the bag & another bib to put up on my wall! I am really proud of myself for pushing through (literally, pushing through crowds just to keep my pace) & keep going even when times got tough (like running into a billion kajillion walkers that should have their own event. I'm not bitter at all. Oh & that one hill up Howe). My mantra of Sunday's race was: "I don't stop when I'm tired. I stop when I'm done."
Yes, I know. So wise, so wise.

A random mish mash of workouts from Sunday - other than that I have just been walking around today. I may get my ab on later, but I kinda sorta have other plans. And I don't really feel like it (remember that Spongebob post?).

I was a little disappointed to see that I had run more than the 6.2 miles. Maybe if there weren't so many random walkers and children wandering around then the people actually there to run could get a good pace going without being interrupted by Grandma Gertrude's walking brigade honing in on all sides of the course. Runners run the tangents! Walkers... walk somewhere else! Okay, that felt good to get off my chest. In all seriousness though I really shouldn't complain, because I beat my last 10K race time by 3.5 minutes & that's a GOOD thing, despite how many crowds I had to run elbow-first through (yeah if you have bruises from a girl in a pink shirt, black spandies & purple runners... That wasn't me).

Now, let's talk about good things.

I pick up loose change wherever I go, even the pennies that people carelessly throw behind. I'm kind of in a transition phase right now in the work and school sense. New semester at school & I'm looking for more work. I'm hoping all those lucky pennies I find will pay off sooner or later. Just today I found one at the skytrain before heading to an interview. I am the kind of person who says YES to everything and (mostly) everyone. If you want me to do this for you, I'll do it. If you need me to do something, I'll do it. I am pretty easy going, that's for sure, but lately I have been looking out for me and my happiness & I am taking the steps to getting there. This includes finishing school, running & hopefully making more money. Do you ever get tired of busting your ass for nothing? When is enough really enough?

Okay, now that I have left you with all those deep thoughts, I'm going to have my (late) dinner. Salmon & roasted veggies and possibly a movie tonight - or at least some lounging and TV time. Good night!

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