Sunday, April 22, 2012

13 Days, Mind Over Matter & Getting Back on Track

Okay, I actually got off my butt today & got in some strength training! I completed the workout throughout the day rather than in one shot. Why? It just felt easier for me, and I felt more productive this way rather than just sitting on the couch (like I'm doing now). Anyway, I don't remember everything I did since I didn't write it down. I know I should've for the blog's sake (since you guys are so interested), BUT let's just move on from that. I also included a very lame and basic "strength training session" (if you could even call it that) from last night. Sometimes it just takes a little movement to make you feel more alive, especially when you are bouncing back from a gross cold! Let's hope tomorrow makes me feel 100%. I have a half marathon to run in 13 DAYS!

Commence freaking out right now (or when I'm laying in bed trying to think of fantastic race strategies but end up thinking, holy shit holy shit holy shit is this going to happen yes obviously and my thoughts do not form any sentences or even make sense at this time holy crap omg) <--- That's what happens inside my brain. Seriously.

Okay, onto some picture fun.

This weekend I looked a lot at inspirational/motivational pictures. I know that this past week I haven't been feeling well or running as much (besides a glorious 11 miles on Wednesday, ahhh the memories of long runs past) or eating as clean as I usually do. Bowls of cereal have become my snacks rather than fruits & veggies, and although I have been drinking lots of water, I haven't been as mindful. So, this week I am getting back on track. I'm not going to run hard because I don't want to overdo it before the half marathon, but I want to run and incorporate some more strength training into my routine. Of course, this means proper nutrition as well so I am feeling fantabulous on race day!

Find something you love and keep at it!

I love running because it is a challenge every single day I put on my runners. Sometimes the biggest battle is just getting out of the door (or out of bed!) and doing it. However, you will feel one hundred times better once you do! Nobody ever regrets a workout :)

I hope you all had a healthy and happy weekend!


  1. It's quite amazing how much our mind controls out actions. When I think I can do something I usually can. If I'm negative and down about something it's always harder for me to accomplish

    1. exactly! attitude is everything :) staying positive certainly helps. thank you for stopping by!