Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wild Rose Cleanse Day 3 Review + Yoga OOTD + Bikram Benefits

Good evening, party people!

Hope you all had a great Wednesday. For all you Monday to Friday peeps, you are now over the hump!

I am now officially three days in to the Wild Rose D-Tox Cleanse. So far, it has brought me back to how I typically like to eat, meaning whole foods without additives like excess sugar or sauces on my meals. My ideal, super-fit self would eat whole foods all the time, less animal products, and would not be tempted by desserts if I truly didn't want it. Does anyone else see a dessert and think, Well, I better try it because it's there? Happens to everyone, don't lie! Regardless, the past three days have been a reset for my taste buds. Here are a few of my current thoughts:

1. Day one (Monday) was not bad at all. I had the day off, so I was able to get into a groove on my own time without worrying about rushing here, there, and everywhere. 

2. Day two (yesterday) I was in a brain fog for most of the day. Tuesdays are typically my longest day of the week anyway, so it would have been nice to feel extra focused for work and Brownies right after. I had a bit of a headache throughout the day.

3. Today: My lingering headache from yesterday carried into this morning. I made sure to drink tons of water, and also had a green tea mid-day before yoga class which was a nice boost. Overall I feel good. My tummy does not feel overly bloated, and I am seeing some slight (and when I say slight, I mean SLIIIIGHT) ab definition in my upper abs, where I usually see any shred of definition first. We will see what happens. Day six, six pack? What? No? Okay. Moving along.

One thing I do enjoy about this cleanse is that it forces you to be more conscious about your food. Sometimes I am guilty of having food be an after thought, meaning I throw together meals without evaluating what I actually want to eat. It is easy to toss things together for the sake of having SOMETHING, but have you ever done that and then when it came time to actually eat your food, you were uninterested in it? This cleanse is making me think outside of the box and listen to my internal needs - and no, those needs do not include chocolate or wine!

Knock on wood, but I am actually surprised I have not craved any of that the past few days. Hopefully it keeps up!

Side note: I promise I normally make the bed! Ryan has been home with a really nasty tooth pain the past two days (hello, root canal tomorrow), so I was a nice girlfriend and let him be, all snug as a bug in a rug in the bed!

Tonight's yoga outfit is brought to you by Lululemon. Can they ever do any wrong? Can they? I don't think so.

Shorts are the Boogie Short (I believe? I got them over 5 years ago)
Tank top can be found here
And sports bra (from last year) is the Free to Be style

Tonight was another hot yoga class with the same coworkers I went with on Monday morning. A different teacher taught the class tonight, and I appreciated all of the helpful instructions she gave us throughout the class. I am no yogi by any means, but I found some poses clicking tonight. You know when something feels hard, and then one day it just works? That was me in Eagle Pose tonight. Suddenly my leg was wrapped around my other leg, my toes were facing the front and I was staring at myself in the mirror like. Holy shit, we really got somethin' here! Of course, not every pose is like that, but that is the great thing about yoga. It is your practice, your time, and you can move into whichever pose feels best for you in that moment.

Wow, doesn't that sound like some yogi granola talk, hey? In all seriousness, I find myself wanting to go deeper into poses and learn how to master them. One class at a time, of course. I am trying to make the most out of my two week pass before it expires, so we are back to hot yoga tomorrow!

(Some) Benefits of Hot Yoga:

- Detoxification: You literally sweat out of every single crevice and pore from your body. Gross, I know, but this allows toxins to flush from your body and the sweat (believe it or not) helps cool you down.

- Stabilizes high blood pressure and helps relieve arthritis

- Helps relieve pain from the body. Example, shoulders, back, neck, etc. Work at it little by little - no need to go balls to the wall right away - and soon you will find relief!

- Skin health: The skin is the largest organ of our body, and since you are flushing toxins from it, this helps produce natural lanolin to release from your pores and help improve your complexion.

- Stress, anxiety, and respiratory issues: Hot yoga helps bring this to balance as the practice promotes resetting your nerves, relaxing your muscles, and making you feel more calm. I definitely feel this calmness during the end of the practice in savasana (when your body is laying still), as that is where you reap the benefits of your practice.

Have you tried hot yoga before?

Yassss! Until next time, friends : )

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