Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up & The Ultimate Tea

"Oh, hello! I didn't see you there," Simba says as he looks up from his book. When his favourite parent, Holly, wants to take time to sit and read a book, this is when Simba feels it is the perfect time to crash the party.

I know, I know. Dropped the ball last week on the Monday posting. Just when I was doing so well, too! Let's kick off the week with a recap of what's been happening lately.

Spoiler alert: nothing too exciting, since we can't celebrate my birthday any longer. Ho hum. At least my half birthday is coming up in August! Just kidding. I don't celebrate my half birthday, although maybe I should start.

So, the usual work and gym has been going on as per usual. Right now I have fish and rice cookin' away, doing some meal prep before I head off to the gym for glute day. I have a love hate relationship with glute day. Hate how many lunges I have to do, but love feeling accomplished after.

Let's all take a moment to look at the baby abs I have going on. Note: this is before morning cardio, minus 4 litres of water in my body. Once I start drinking water, abs are pooched. Belly becomes a pooch. You get the picture.

Forever posing in the bathroom at the gym. Hey, gotta get it right on stage!

Yesterday was one of my favourite days of the week. Sunday fun day! Usually on Sundays I have posing practice followed by cardio and breakfast with Ryan, but yesterday since my trainer is on vacation, we didn't have posing practice. My Sunday routine was a little backwards, but great nonetheless. The morning consisted of sleeping in until 9AM (ah, glory, glory) and drinking coffee while watching tv & eating my morning oats. It's always nice to get a slower start to the morning, and there's something about the vibe on Sunday that makes me feel less inclined to rush around. That's what the week days are for.

After puttering around the house doing things like dishes and laundry, I got my cardio for the day in on the elliptical and then headed to the gym for my workout. On the schedule today: back & biceps! 

I am loving this top! Ryan and I went to Victoria on Saturday, and fortunately I had a Lululemon gift card from his family to spend. Ah, they know me so well. The back detailing on this tank top immediately caught my eye, and the built in sports bra is an added bonus. I wore it with a pair of Lululemon Wunder Unders (which I turned inside out and am wearing to the gym again today... Hey, don't judge. They are reversible). Once my workout was done, I did some grocery shopping and came home to relax!

My all time favourite tea of the moment: chocolate super berry burst.

Not overly sweet, and I just drink it plain! So tasty.

In the evening my lovely sister came to hang out. Of course, Simba being the giant suck that he is was all over her. We drank coffee lots of coffee and watched The Voice. Is anyone else into that show right now? It always makes me so nervous for the singers, waiting for someone to turn their chair.

And with that, we are back to Monday again! Mondays are my Sundays, so it'll be another Sunday Fun Day! I am going to finish my meal prep and then head off to the gym. Then, pedicure time. Woohoo! Enjoy the week ahead.

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