Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Making Excuses, Something Nuu & Game Plan

Happy Wednesday!

Quick post here since I am planning on going to bed early. Oh, the joys of being 20 going on 200, right?

The past two days have been pretty unexciting in terms of working out and eating well. Since my family is getting over a cold, I felt lazy and run down on Monday, then super icky on Tuesday, and finally well enough to run today. Yeah, yeah, I am making excuses - I know I am - though they are valid, right? Just nod and say yes. Sure, yep. That's right. I decided to get my run on today and do a longer run to sort of make up for days that I have missed. I completed a total of eight miles today in an hour and fifteen minutes. Not too bad, but not my best. That's the treadmill for ya! Oh, and listening to the same music over and over again. I definitely need to switch that up!

Breakfast was a bowl of chocolate peanut butter protein oats with hemp seeds, chia seeds, and banana. Basically, it was my every day oats with chocolate protein powder thrown in the mix. Along with my breakfast, I also tried out a nuu Nuun flavor (see what I did there?). I purchased a strawberry lemonade Nuun a couple weeks ago and finally tested it out this morning. The verdict - YUM!

Since my berry Nuun was getting low, I opted to try a new flavor. They are both good, so give them a shot if you are in the market for something nuu! Hahaha, I'm so punny.

Looking back on the month of February last year, it was a pretty crummy year in terms of running. I let my mileage slip drastically compared to previous months, and I am determined to NOT let that happen again this time around. Besides, since February is my birthday month, I can't have that be my excuse. Oh, it was my birthday. That's why I didn't run. No, birthday runs are indeed the best. Anyway, I am still aiming for triple digit mileage this month (double digit this week), so I will keep you updated on that. Similarly, I need to get back on the foam rolling and icing band wagon. My legs are feeling a bit stiff now even after some stretching, so I think a date with the foam roller before bed is in order.

Have a good night everyone! See ya later :)

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